ETA focuses more on design, has its own designer

Prague, March 11, 2009 – ETA, the traditional Czech brand of small domestic appliances has now come to concentrate on the modern design of its products. For the first time in its history it has formally designated its permanent designer, Zdeněk Veverka. Veverka cooperated on several projects with ETA in the past. He also worked with Škoda Auto or Ford, and at present he is the head of product and industrial design at the University of West Bohemia in Plzeň.

“In accordance with our new strategy aiming at the rejuvenation of the brand, which was set off last year with the change of the logo and communication, we wish to support the image of the brand as modern and dynamic, which shall concern products as well. We want ETA products to have a uniform image and be immediately recognizable. Therefore we are perfecting our cooperation with designer Zdeněk Veverka, with whom we have been cooperating for five years. In the future we would like to launch more new ETA products with Mr. Veverka’s characteristic features,” says ETA Marketing Director, Zdeněk Hašek.

“Cooperation with ETA is a matter of heart for me and at the same time a big challenge. It is time to clad traditional products of high quality with new modern and attractive design,” says ETA’s designer Zdeněk Veverka. “In my designs I wish to focus on unifying elements enabling clear identification of the brand, and in the respective products new patents for enhancing comfortable use shall appear,” adds Veverka.

Designer Zdeněk Veverka has been cooperating with ETA for five years already. During this time, he has come with the design of vacuum cleaners O3 and Trino, Bross food processor, Fresco hand mixer or steam iron of Lancetta line. At present he has been engaged as the main and permanent designer of ETA and shall design products in a number of categories.

Zdeněk Veverka (37) studied product design at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Brno University of Technology. Since 1993 he has cooperated with e.g. Škoda Auto, Ford, ČKD Vagonka, Vunar or Airon Technic in the field of transport design. Within the framework of product design he cooperated with e.g. CUE company producing household control equipment, for Visia company he made the design of the city clock. He was also involved in designing Rendl lights, or GSM gates and home intercoms for 2N Telekomunikace. Zdeněk Veverka is the head of the department of product and industrial design of the University of West Bohemia in Plzeň.

Zdeněk Veverka gained a number of awards for his designs. In 1994 he got the award of the Design Center of the Czech Republic for a computer keyboard. In 1999 he participated in the finals of Mc Light with a decorative light, and in 2001 he won the 3rd position in the Ford design contest with project design for “Ford Mondeo and long-distance travel”.

About ETA

ETA is a traditional Czech brand of small domestic appliances. It was founded in 1943 and is one of the leading Czech brands. Its sales in 2007 were 1 billion Czech crowns. Spontaneous awareness of ETA brand among Czech consumers reaches 96%. Since 2007, ETA has been owned by Benson Oak investment group.